Win2k for Alpha?!?
Posted on: 06/22/2000 02:51 AM

According to this article over at WinInfo, Microsoft may be planning a return to the Alpha arena. This is pretty interesting news considering that MS said they would no longer write anything supporting Alpha hardware. Here's a snip (actually the whole thing):
According to sources at Compaq Computer, the company will soon announce that Windows 2000 is coming back to the 64-bit Alpha microprocessor platform. After quietly removing the people responsible for the original decision to drop support for Windows NT/2000, Compaq CEO Michael Capellas has reportedly worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that its premier operating system is finally released for the Alpha. "It's a done deal," I was told Wednesday morning. "Capellas wants Windows 2000 on Alpha and he regrets that Compaq ever cancelled those plans."
They're saying that they will know more tomorrow, so stay tuned to watch the drama unfold...

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