Win2k on a brand new box
Posted on: 01/13/2000 01:55 PM

If you haven't been reading the Win2000 Insider series of articles over at WinMag's site, you are missing out. This month's article covers installing Win2k on a brand new, "cutting edge" machine and some of the problems encountered along the way. Now, J.C. is working on a bunch of articles that will detail installation/configuration of Win2k Pro and Server, but until they're posted, this is some of the best Win2k info you can get. And a clip...
This past weekend I uncrated a brand-new system -- a 667MHz monster, crammed to the gills with goodies -- and set to work migrating my apps and data to it. My older computer, a PIII 450, had NT 4.0 on it, but after about 20 minutes of work, I decided to set aside my current NT 4.0 installation and just go straight to Windows 2000. I'd already "adopted early" at work with good results, so why not at home as well?

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