Win2k SE?!?
Posted on: 01/26/2000 12:16 AM

According to this post over at WinNT Mag's site, Microsoft is allreadt planning the "next" Windows 2000. Geez... The current Win2k hasn't even hit store shelves yet! :-)
Microsoft has confirmed that it will combine its efforts on Neptune, the consumer version of Windows 2000 (Win2K), with Odyssey, a professional version of Win2K, to create a single version for the next release of Win2K. In my view, this move amounts to Microsoft's cancellation of Neptune. Microsoft has also planned a consumer-oriented revision of Windows 98, code-named Millennium. So although Microsoft was planning to produce two Windows-branded OSs aimed at consumers—one based on the Windows NT kernel and one based on the Win9x kernel—it seems the company has rethought this decision.

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