Win2k Video Card Round-up
Posted on: 09/01/2000 04:30 PM

The Firing Squad gang has an interesting look at some of today's top video cards and how they perform under Windows2000. Just because a certain card hauls in Win9x doesn't mean it is the best choice for Win2k. Here's a clip:
So what if 2000 is mainly used for work, why can't we play games on it? To start, Win2K is based on WinNT. That alone should send up big red flags. Machines running the WinNT kernel are meant to be stable; they are not built to run the latest and greatest video or sound cards, but they run rock solid on older equipment. Combine that with the fact that most games come with enough glitches to crash even a fresh install of Win98, what makes us think that a picky game would work on an equally picky operating system?
Hmmm... Read the whole thing here.

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