Win98SE vs. Win2k in Q3A
Posted on: 05/18/2000 12:44 PM

Let's get on with the killing! clant2K has a nice Q3A comparison posted. They run the game on a Win98SE machine as well as a Win2K machine (with r_smp 1 of course) with a variety of different settings. The kicker is, according to his tests anyway, that Win2k actually beat out the 9x kernel!
Reviewing all results of the tests performed clearly shows Windows 2000 outperforming Windows 98 in both single and SMP configurations. It should be noted that the single processor results in Windows 2000 were performed on a dual processor system. The SMP code within Quake 3 was not enabled but the second processor was free to offload other system processes that a single processor system would normally have to handle. This could account for some added performance in our single processor Windows 2000 system.

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