Windows 2000 Help/Install Guide from PC911
Posted on: 02/23/2000 09:34 AM

Here is a another help/install guide from the folks over at PC911. It's a nice 5 page article covering some good stuff, mostly intermediate level, like dual-booting and customizing little things like numlock. Any how, here's a snip.
Creating a dual-boot configuration with W2K and your existing Windows installation

Setting up a dual-boot is surprisingly easy. Start your PC and boot to your existing Windows version, insert the W2K CD, and wait for the splash screen to appear, then select Install Windows 2000. If the splash screen does not appear because you don't have auto insert notification turned on, run setup.exe from the root of the CD. Click Install Windows 2000, then select Install a new copy of Windows 2000 (Clean Install). When you get to the screen to Select Special Options, make sure you click the Advanced button which offers a few very important options.
Read the whole article here.

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