Windows Millennium Rumors
Posted on: 01/28/2000 08:33 PM

Well, several people have mailed (and now posted in the Win2k article comment section) that they have heard rumors that Windows Millennium will have SMP support. This is not true. However, I think I know where the rumor comes from: I have heard tales of a developer who experimented with his own kernel that supports SMP. While I haven't seen it, I am told it was buggy, unstable, worked with only a couple of motherboards, and is not ready for primetime, nor will it ever be. Take this with a grain of salt, because rumors like this are thrown around all the time. I'm 100% sure that Millennium will NEVER have SMP support. I just got a hold of Beta 2 of Millennium, and I'll be checking it out over the weekend. One thing I can tell you is that Millennium won't let you install over the top of Win2k.

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