Windows vs. Linux in Q3A
Posted on: 05/23/2000 09:04 PM

A topic we're all accustomed too these days. Linux is entering the mainstream, a result of this has been ever improving 3d performance. The boys over at decided to pit Win98 against Linux in the Quake3 Arena.
Time after time, Linux gamers will read or hear the following from a Windows gamer: "Why would anyone use Linux to play games, anyway? Hardcore gamers that depend on the greatest performance use Windows! Linux is for running servers..." Naturally, then, we ask ourselves: "Are we really missing out by playing our games under Linux? Does Windows performance really blow away Linux performance?
Interesting stuff, If you've got a G400Max or a Geforce you're going to see competitive framerates in Linux. However, the Voodoo3 lagged behind. A few issues here, obviously we're not dealing with SMP systems (I plan on doing a whack of testing in the near future), and they used drivers based on xfree 3.3.6, not 4.0. Interesting nonetheless, check it out here.

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