Windows XP: A Gamers Perspective...
Posted on: 07/08/2001 06:57 PM

I noticed this a few days ago over at GamePC. I wanted to post it sooner, but we were having some technical difficulties which were recently resolved. I know a lot of people have been reading about Windows XP over the last little while. I've been hearing good things from RC1 biatches, Mitchell and Cory over the last few days for what it's worth. Let's see what the GamePC guys have to say:
XP Professional will obviously have more business-oriented feature sets, including support for multiple processors (up to 2), NTFS file encryption, centralized administration, and remote installation support, just to name a few. The differences between the Home Edition and Professional are pretty minimal, so unless you want multiprocessor support, the cheaper Home Edition may be the way to go.
They have lots of information and gaming benchmarks over here. On a side note, I added a Windows XP forum last evening if you'd like to get your XP discussion on.

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