Woodcrest Performance Preview @ 2CPU!
Posted on: 05/28/2006 05:33 PM

Last fall, Jim and I were invited out to Intel's Jones Farm campus to get a little hands-on preview of the then "as-yet-to-be-released" Bensley server platform. The Bensley platform is based on the Blackford chipset and, at least initially, the Demspey (Xeon 5000 series) processor. We posted a performance preview of the early Bensley system and performance was pretty good, but still not up to Opteron level.

Today marks the day of the official release of Bensley. Dempsey processors and Blackford chipsets have been shipping to OEMs for a while now, and systems should be arriving in the retail channels any day. Our previewed Demspey Xeons were running at 3.46ghz, but the final, shipping processors will be clocked at 3.73ghz.

Earlier this month I flew out to Portland again. The focus of this trip was not Dempsey, however, it was Woodcrest. Woodcrest is Intel's next-gen architecture based on a cross between the Yonah (Core Duo) and Netburst (Pentium 4/D/etc) architectures. Woodcrest was designed from the ground up as a dual-core processor, so it should be well suited to multi-processing, and it is a drop-in replacement for Dempsey in Bensley-based servers.

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