Wrist Watch running Linux...
Posted on: 08/07/2000 11:45 PM

Ahh what a weekend. I took a trip deep into sticksville to visit my folks. Otherwise known as... modem country *dramatic music*. I honestly feel naked without high-speed internet access. Anyways, its been slow on the news front, so I'm going to talk about Wrist Watches that run Linux. Yahoo News is reporting that IBM is developing a prototype watch that will run a variant of Linux.
"Several benefits accrue from the use of Linux in small pervasive devices," IBM said in the statement. "The availability of source code and a well-understood application programming environment makes it easy for students, researchers, and software companies to add new features and develop applications."
Interesting. Then we'll see posts on bugtraq regarding security advisories for our wrist watches. "Update wu-ftpd on that thing before it gets h4x0r3d!"

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