x86 architecture 101
Posted on: 06/21/2000 02:08 AM

Wanna learn all there is to know about x86 architecture? Well enroll yourself in x86 101! I noticed this link over on the Hardocp front page. It appears that the guys over at Tweak Max are going to school us on x86.
Remember the days of the i486, and then the mighty Pentium? Intel's P5, 0.80um, 3.1 million transistor, superscalar architecture 120MHz silver bullet! Now hardware enthusiasts are battling for every MHz they can get out of their systems, and 1GHz doesn't impress anyone that much anymore. The similarity here is that the "latest and greatest" is still based on the same old x86 architecture! What's so special about it? Why is it still here?
An interesting read for all us tech junkies. You can find it here.

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