Xbit talks VIA 133A and SMP...
Posted on: 11/26/2000 05:38 PM

We've experienced some tremendous growth in our 'little' community haven't we? The number of affordable dual boards hitting the market has increased dramatically. VIA has played quite a role in that growth. The guys over at Xbit have decided to take a look at the VIA 133A chipset.
Although the company is known as a developer of mostly low-cost solutions, they selected the right niche when aiming at the server chipset market: small dual-processor home servers and workstations. In other words, this is exactly the field which had been occupied by only one low-cost mainboard from ABIT - ABIT BP6, based on the i440BX and supporting Intel Celeron on Mendocino core in SMP-mode. However, you will agree, that this mainboard has become too outdated already, because it doesn't support FC-PGA CPUs and 133 MHz FSB. Nevertheless, the demand on solutions like that has always been quite significant, so, VIA has decided to try satisfying it. Well, today we will see if they succeeded or not.
Well, based on the number of people here who are running MSI 694D's and Tiger 133's, I'd say VIA did pretty well for themselves. You can read the rest, over here. Thanks go out to Jan for sending this one my way.

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