Xombe Trojan poses as Microsoft warning
Posted on: 01/12/2004 09:16 PM

I noticed over at ZDNet that there's another trojan floating around posing as a Microsoft warning and patch.
Xombe, also known as Trojan.Xombe, Downloader-GJ and Troj/Dloader-L, was being distributed on Friday. It poses as a critical update for the Windows XP operating system. When executed, it attempts to download a malicious backdoor component from the Web.

Most antivirus companies have already updated their signatures, but users without up-to-date antivirus applications could be infected, helping the Trojan's author to take control of large numbers of PCs. Dunham said that once a "large army of zombie computers" has been built up, attackers could use them for serious crimes such as ID theft and banking fraud.
Check it out.

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