Y2K: Hoax, Or Averted Disaster?
Posted on: 01/05/2005 02:54 PM

Slashdot has a post up today about the horrific Y2K bug. Was it a hoax or an averted disaster?
Gun sales spiked. Doomsayers hawked things like gas masks and radiation kits. Worried people stashed batteries and food. The Federal Reserve pumped an extra $50 billion in cash into circulation in case people withdrew their savings. The U.S. government spent nearly $9 billion to fix its computers. Businesses spent many times more. All told, businesses and government spent more than a $100 billion to fix software. And then, Friday night turned to Saturday morning, and the apocalypse was a no-show.
You can read the series of articles on the topic over here. Apparently we also have to start worrying about 2038 as well?

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