You can buy 65nm dualcore CPUs today!
Posted on: 11/30/2005 03:03 PM

My travels through the web have led me here. It seems the 65nm dual-core processors from Intel will soon be running in your systems.
Intel goes 65nm on Server+Desktop and Mobile in 6 weeks.

Intel also goes dual-core on all these markets. Why is 65nm so important when you go dualcore? 65nm is almost half the die size of 90nm. 90nm dual-core is HUGE. Thats why AMD has sold so few (and expensive) CPUs with dual-core. The important thing is that Intel can deliver cheap dual-core CPUs in volume, AMD can not.
Will Intel's new dual-core bad boys take down AMD's "X" men? Time will tell. Read the rest here.

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